To provide a low-stress, safe and enriching environment for your dog.

  • Low-Stress
    • We are very small, so the dog to human ratio is small.
    • All cages have privacy panels.
    • Barky dogs are kept separate from other dogs in order not to disturb other dogs.

  • Safe
    • Custom-built housing units that are chew proof and inescapable.
    • Fire and burglar alarms that directly call the police/fire department and the owners' cell.
    • Owners live around the corner.
  • Enriching
    • Fun Exercises
      • Each dog receives at least twenty minutes per day with a staff member engaged in a stimulating activity (fetch, cuddling, long nature walk, tug-o-war, or whatever your dog likes to do).
    • Food Puzzles
      • This is an easy way to keep your dog's mind problem solving.
      • We fill a Kong or Gatorade bottle with treats or kibble and your dog has to figure out how to get to the food.
      • Puzzles are great for dogs that are reoccurring guests or are staying for a long time.
    • Nature Walks
      • We are surrounded by woods and have cut out a nature trail for leisure walks.
      • We even have a spring fed creek we walk the dogs down to. They love it during the summer.
      • All dogs get a least one trail walk a day.
    • Socialization
      • Each dog goes through a behavior evaluation to determine if he or she is allowed to socialize with other dogs (not all dogs will be allowed).
      • Each socialization group is made up of dogs that are behaviorally and size compatible (for example, high-energy medium-sized dogs would make up a playgroup, and small-sized geriatric dogs would make up another).
      • Dogs are not put with other dogs until they have established a relationship with the staff at Crackerdog. This might take a couple visits or just a couple daydepending on the dog.

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